Friday, July 17, 2009

Henrys Fork Trail to Kings Peek @ 13,500ft, with Matt, Jesse, Tim, and Chris

The kings peek hike, was probably my favorite backpacking trip i have ever done. it was seriously amazing. The 5 of us: Chris Taylor, Tim and Matt Spicer, My brother Jesse, and myself took the henrys fork trail to kings peek taking 2 nights and 3 days for whole trip. It was exhausting but the coolest thing have done. We went through Wyoming and hiked to the henry fork lake and camped there the first night, around 8 miles. We caught some fish for dinner and stargazed after, so vivid up there. we started early to summit that day, but got a little lost a went to the wrong peek. We crossed a river with are packs on, that was a treat. Oh and after we hiked about a 10 hr day we finally summated at 13,528 ft. The view was amazing, but i had elevation sickness and threw up twice, then we had to hike down, and i had about zero energy, still the though it was amazing. We set up camp in the dark, and celebrated the hike and rested. in the morning we hiked back another route to the car and then enjoyed a hour and half ride home.